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Jackie’s Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Julienned Vegetables — Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009 | The Kitchn

Recipe: Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Julienned Vegetables Category: Vegetarian/International How long does it take? 15-20 minutes Name: Jackie Why is it a favorite meal? It requires almost no cooking making it quicker than takeout. It’s healthy and easily adaptable for the non-vegetarian and gluten-free members of the family. It’s also a “fridge cleaner” so swap out the veggies with what you have on hand.

Source: Jackie’s Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Julienned Vegetables — Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009 | The Kitchn

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22 Things You Need to Eat by the End of Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

Omg, this is such a great list of summer recipes.  There are only a handful that DONT make me drool.  Full of bright fresh flavors of summer.  A strong focus on fresh fruits and veggies, most of the recipes are veg and good for weight loss.


Summer produce is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. Even if we don’t want to spend a ton of time over a hot stove when it’s warm out, we still want to make the most of the season’s bounty. Plus, we’re always happy to fire up the grill when it’s nice outside. These 22 recipes are like a master class in tomatoes, sweet corn, berries, stone fruits, and more. Time to get cooking.

Source: 22 Things You Need to Eat by the End of Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

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Leeks Braised with Preserved Lemon and Tarragon

This recipe yields a refreshing side dish of braised leeks, preserved lemon, tarragon, and black pepper. A great complement for a variety of dishes.

Source: Leeks Braised with Preserved Lemon and Tarragon

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Asparagus Frittata Recipe : Trisha Yearwood : Food Network

I made this last night.  I didnt have enough asparagus so I added in about a cup of kale leaves, finely chopped as well. I also added about a tablespoon of salsa.  I served it topped with Sriracha. Mine ended up being almost black on the top, but it was not burned at all.  This was very delicious, healthy and filling.  Cheap to make too.  Fritatas can be great if you are not into eggy flavors but still get cheap protein.  Can use up lots of veggies in them – just about anything will work well! I used Valbreso sheep’s milk french feta, which I bought on amazon.

Get the recipe for Asparagus Frittata via @FoodNetwork:

Source: Asparagus Frittata Recipe : Trisha Yearwood : Food Network

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How To Make Soup from Almost Any Vegetable — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

Soup — it’s the easiest way to warm up your kitchen on a cold day and to feed yourself and your family in one delicious and healthy bowl. But you don’t need a recipe to make soup, especially if you have a clutch of miscellaneous vegetables hanging out in your crisper. Nearly any vegetable can be turned into soup with a little time and effort. If you are craving soup and you have vegetables and broth in your cupboard, you’re all set. Here’s a step-by-step guide to transforming nearly any kind of vegetable into delicious, nourishing soup.

Source: How To Make Soup from Almost Any Vegetable — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

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Emily’s somesorta Thai-ish vegan brown rice noodle stir fry

I pulled this together randomly, after looking at various recipes for vegan pad thai and vegan drunken noodles.  What came out was … … .  AWESOME.  As always, sub out veggies for ones you have on hand.  I imagine carrots, cabbage, bok choy, onions, celery, kale, broccoli, etc would do great in this. Also, adding pressed and baked tofu chunks would be good in this, or chicken, but I wanted this to be veggie and am currently avoiding soy (with the exception of small amounts of soy sauce.) Makes 4 hearty servings.

Sauce – blend together

about 1/2 cup of oyster mushroom stems, and a couple caps (save most of the caps for the stir fry)

1 cup vegetable stock

1 tbs fresh or pickled ginger

1 tsp dried basil leaves (thai basil is better, but use what you got)

2 tbs rice vinegar

2 tbs honey

2 tbs lime juice

2 tbs soy sauce

1/2 tsp chopped fresh garlic

a few tablespoons of pineapple juice from canned pineapple, or a couple pieces of fresh pineapple

pinch of chipotle powder (or other spicy pepper flakes or powder, adjust to taste)

Noodle Stir Fry

1 package brown rice pad thai or fettuccini noodles

1 zucchini

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

1/2 cup finely chopped kale

1/2 yellow onion

1 tbs minced fresh garlic

a few pinches of salt

1 tsp dried basil

3 tablespoons of oil, sesame, canola, peanut or a mix

About 1/2 cup of oyster mushrooms caps, chopped

1 tsp fresh or pickled ginger

1/4 cup lotus root (optional)


1.Soak noodles in hot water for 10 minutes.  You want them to be very al dente but pliable.Drain, rinse with cold water.

2. Pour about half of the total oil in a wok. Add onion and fry until translucent. Add mushrooms, garlic, and ginger.

3.  Add peppers, kale, zucchini to wok.  Start with densest and hardest vegetables that will take longer to cook.

4. Add lotus root.  Sprinkle with salt and basil.  Let cook for about 2 minutes on medium high heat.  Stir vegetables and cook another 2-3 minutes. You want to see some starting to caramelize and brown, but you want the veggies to also be crisp and fresh looking.

5.  Add the noodles and remainder of the oil. Toss with veggies.

6.  Add the sauce on top.  Let simmer for another 2-3 minutes, stirring by folding over the noodles.  Be careful not to over stir, as you will make the noodles start to disintegrate and mush.

Top with sesame seeds and chopped green onions if desired.

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Emily’s Whole Wheat Easy Chapati Recipe with Yellow Vegetable Curry

I’m lazy.  I also love indian food.  The two generally don’t mix.  However, this whole wheat flat bread is super fast, easy, and cheap.  Sorry to those who are going to be driven crazy by my somewhat lax and unprecise measurements and directions.  Ive learned that with cooking, its best to have a basic recipe to follow, but make small alterations based your personal tastes, what you have on hand, your climate (I am very high altitude and dry), and so on.  So dont try to be perfect! Experiment a little 🙂 Also my recipes are meant to be fast and carefree, really dont stress about anything, just keep going..

Chapati Bread

(Makes 2-4 servings, depending on how much you eat)

2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup milk/soymilk/almondmilk etc.  Or just use water.  The protein in the liquid does seem to help the flour bind together tho.

1/2 tsp salt (or more if you like)

uncooked dough

Mix all ingredients together well.  You should have a sticky dough.  Let it rest in the bowl, covered, for about 30mins – 2hours.

Take a baking sheet.  Get it well coated with coconut oil.  Or butter.  Or vegetable oil.

Oil your hands.  Use your hands to spread the dough out, trying to cover the entire baking sheet.  Smush it.  Get it as thin as you can without ripping it.  If it rips, its ok.  Keep your hands well oiled.. this prevents sticking but will also help to oil the top of the bread.

Then, fold the bread dough on top of itself.  Fold it in half, then half again, and again.  Pick it up and make a quick ball shape with it.  Now put it back on the baking sheet and smush it all out again like the first time.

Why do this twice? Well, by folding the oiled layers on themselves, you are creating some nice soft and flaky layers to the bread.  Its not necessary, but its so fast and easy, and this extra step really makes the bread spectacular.

Bake at 450 degrees for about 4 minutes.  You want to see a little bit of bubbling and crisping.  Flip the bread over, and bake for another 2-3minutes.  Done!~

cooked bread

Dip in curry or spread with ghee, butter, or honey. yum.

I like to make it with a

simple yellow curry :

(makes about 8-10 servings. Stores great in the fridge.  I make this on the weekend and its my go-to quick microwave dinner or lunch during the busy weekdays)

1-2 cups water, vegetable stock, chicken stock, whatever

1 can of coconut milk or coconut cream,

1tbs yellow curry paste,

1 tbs yellow curry powder,

chopped veggies – 1 onion, 1 head cauliflower, 1 head kale or cabbage, zucchini, carrots, etc.  Really any leftover veggies I have get thrown in.  You want about 3-6 cups of veggies total, depending on how veggie thick or soupy you want it.

Add a bit of parsley, salt, and garlic.

Some people like it with a few tablespoons of sugar to sweeten the curry.

If you like it spicy, add red pepper flakes or just use more curry paste.

Throw it all in a pot.  Let simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Or longer.  Stir every now and then.  Eat!

I like it topped with a dollop of plain greek yogurt or sour cream.

yellow curry and chapati

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Healthy On a Budget: 10 Incredibly Cheap Health Food Ingredients

Healthy On a Budget: 10 Incredibly Cheap Health Food Ingredients.

a great little slideshow of the healthiest, cheapest foods.  focus on these to save money, eat healthy, lose weight, and find deliciousness.

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Eighty Twenty: 80— Baked Tempura Vegetables

Eighty Twenty: 80— Baked Tempura Vegetables.

And heres some baked veggie tempura to go with that vegetarian tempura dipping sauce! Tempura is traditionally fried, so if you want the full flavor experience go for that.  But if you are trying to eat healthier, this is a great alternative method!

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