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Recipe: Chipotle Copycat Rice — Recipes from The Kitchn

Source: Recipe: Chipotle Copycat Rice — Recipes from The Kitchn

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Stuffed Cabbage Leaves | The Shiksa Blog

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves | The Shiksa Blog.

These are pretty cheap, filling, and well balanced with veggies, protein, and healthy carbs.   I used a gluten free brown/wild rice mix from Ludenburg that I love instead of white rice.  If you are veg, you could fill these with a mixture of chopped veggies, or use fake ground beef.  Also, I chose to bake these instead of cook them on the stove.  350 for 45 minutes did it nice.  And,. they reheat well, making them great to make in a big batch and freeze or refrigerate.  I plan on putting a couple in my lunch bento boxes for the next few days.

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