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Pennies & Pancakes: Frozen Bean and Cheese Burritos ($0.11 each)

Pennies & Pancakes: Frozen Bean and Cheese Burritos ($0.11 each).

This is a FANTASTIC website which can really help you budget down.  Today I made these burritos.  I used a can of refried beans, and a can of black beans – mashed with a fork, mixed together.  I got them both free from my local food bank.  I also added 1/2 yellow onion diced, and 1 jalapeno diced.  I grated a 8oz block of colby cheddar cheese and used that in it as well.  I found that the pan-toasting didn’t work great for me, I toasted them lightly in the toaster oven instead.  These make perfect snacks or a light meal – pair with a salad if you are being healthy – and even tho frozen burritos are generally pretty cheap (about 75 cents or a buck each in my area), its still MUCH cheaper and oh so easy to make your own.  Really, it took me maybe a half hour total to make 20 of these. Add ground beef or soy crumbles if you prefer.  Add in more veggies, corn, chopped up spinach, whatever, to make them even more healthy and delicious.

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