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Emily’s mix & match egg & potato salad

As with all my recipes, adjust to what you have on hand and to your personal taste.  Makes 6-10 servings.


5-6 hardboiled eggs

2-3 lbs potatoes, I used fingerlings of varying colors, red, yellow and purple, boiled until able to pierce easily with a fork

1/2 cup light mayo

2 tbs honey dijon mustard

1 small bunch celery, including leaves – about 5 stalks

1 avocado

2 large kale leaves

1 carrot, shredded

1 small onion, or 1/2 large onion – I used a yellow onion, but I think red would be better here

3-4 tbs fresh dill

1 large dill pickle

2-3 tbs pickle juice

2 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp hot sauce

1 tbs dried or fresh parsley


Chop all ingredients into bite sized pieces.  Chop onions, pickles and herbs more finely. Mix all together.  Add wet ingredients.  Add seasonings.  Mix more.  Refrigerate.

Serve on whole wheat toast, or my favorite – german schwartzbrot bread, thinly sliced multi grain or rye bread, toasted (see here for an example on Amazon )

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Bento recipes | Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento

Bento recipes | Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento.

Tutorials, FAQs, recipes, tips, and more all about making Bento Boxes.  Great info, but if you are vegetarian or have other special diet needs, there are limited recipes.  Still worth checking out though.

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School Lunch Roundup III – 100 Days of Real Food

School Lunch Roundup III – 100 Days of Real Food.

Ive recently become obsessed with Bentos, so expect to see lots of posts related to them soon.  Bento is a japanese style lunchbox.  Its nown for its excellent portion control, cute and attractive layout, and emphasis on balance with the portions divided between carbs, protein, and vegetables.  This link has some great Bento ideas, or just for a regular lunch box.

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