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Plain Steamed Buns (Mantou) Recipe on Food52

I tried this recipe and liked how it came out.  I decreased the sugar to one teaspoon  however as I am diabetic. I stuffed mine with a homemade sugar free red bean chocolate paste (mashed adzuki beans with stevia and cocoa powder).

A simple, six-ingredient recipe for plain steamed buns (or mantou), adaptable to make steamed buns with filling (baozi). Replace one cup of the flour with cake flour for a finer, fluffier bun.

Source: Plain Steamed Buns (Mantou) Recipe on Food52

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Easy Slow Cooker Orange Chicken | Kitchn

Fresh, crispy, and saucy to boot!

Source: Easy Slow Cooker Orange Chicken | Kitchn

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Easy Wonton Soup Recipe & Video – Seonkyoung Longest

Hi guys! Today I’m share the perfect comforting soup recipe with you…. are you ready….? It’s Wonton Soup!! WOOTWOOT! I know, I know, I know.. a lot of you requested this recipe and I’m finally sharing it~!!  The weather is perfect for this warm, cozy, comforting and delicious soup. You can make this same recipe…Read More »

Source: Easy Wonton Soup Recipe & Video – Seonkyoung Longest

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chee cheong fun

This is a dish I was searching for for years, after having it in a little restaurant in chinatown in manhattan, with no english on the menu.  I could never figure out what it was, but I absolutely loved it.  Recently, I brainstormed with some folks on Chow and figured it out.  The version I had was stuffed with something similar to mu shu vegetables.  The noodle wraps are very hard to find around here, tho in most bigger cities you could probably find them in an asian market. But for those like me, heres a recipe on how to make them:

A Craving for “Pig Intestine” Rolls a.k.a. Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) or Rice Noodle Rolls | The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook.

And for more info on rice noodle rolls and their variations, see this wikipedia entry  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice_noodle_roll


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Chinese Duck Sauce Recipe – Food.com – 213499

Chinese Duck Sauce Recipe – Food.com – 213499.

Made this today.  Added a little extra plum jam, ginger, and rice vinegar as I like tang.  Looks kinda strange, not like duck sauce im used to, but tastes damn good.


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Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken | The Recipe Critic

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken | The Recipe Critic.  Im cooking this tonight! I debated substituting tofu for the chicken but ultimately could not find another recipe using it anywhere, so I thought it might just be too mushy for this dish.  It is gluten free tho!

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Vegetarian – Chinese Chicken Recipes for Busy People :: Chinese Chicken Recipes for Busy People

One recipe on this site that looks really great to me is the Shanghai Fried Noodles.  Another recipe which looks strange but oddly good and interesting is the Steamed Water Egg recipe.  This site has tons of recipes for non-vegetarians as well, lots of great, unique ideas for classic chinese recipes you can make quickly.

via Vegetarian – Chinese Chicken Recipes for Busy People :: Chinese Chicken Recipes for Busy People.

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