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Asparagus Frittata Recipe : Trisha Yearwood : Food Network

I made this last night.  I didnt have enough asparagus so I added in about a cup of kale leaves, finely chopped as well. I also added about a tablespoon of salsa.  I served it topped with Sriracha. Mine ended up being almost black on the top, but it was not burned at all.  This was very delicious, healthy and filling.  Cheap to make too.  Fritatas can be great if you are not into eggy flavors but still get cheap protein.  Can use up lots of veggies in them – just about anything will work well! I used Valbreso sheep’s milk french feta, which I bought on amazon.

Get the recipe for Asparagus Frittata via @FoodNetwork:

Source: Asparagus Frittata Recipe : Trisha Yearwood : Food Network

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Make-Ahead Recipe: Sausage, Artichoke & Goat Cheese Egg Bake — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

If you are veggie, you could switch out the sausage for those soy crumbles which are mock ground beef.  I think chopped mushrooms would go really great also. “Artichokes, sausage, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes — here’s an egg bake for you that will work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! It’s also a great example of my basic formula for egg casserole. These provide my most frequent go-to lunch, a make-ahead staple that uses up little bits of leftovers — in this case, one lone sausage and half a log of goat cheese, plus a few sun-dried tomatoes and the last of a wedge of Parmesan. Read on for the recipe and some thoughts on making a hearty, easy egg bake out of nearly anything you have on hand.”

Source: Make-Ahead Recipe: Sausage, Artichoke & Goat Cheese Egg Bake — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

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Flourless pancakes

Flourless pancakes have become a trendy food recently,  combining two ingredients .. just mashed banana and eggs.   My version has a few more,  but it has a fluffier texture and improved taste.  

2 eggs, whisked
1 bannana, mashed well (small lumps are ok)
1/4 teaspoon apple pie spice or blend of cinnamon and nutmeg
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
A couple drops of vanilla

Mix all ingredients together well.  Heat pan to medium high with a dab of butter or spritz of cooking spray.  Pour batter into pan.  Keep them smaller, about 3 to 4 inches across.  After 30 seconds to 1 minute, flip and cook another 30 seconds or so.  Be aware they are quite soft and can be hard to flip,  but they burn easily so don’t let them harden up for too long.

Makes 1 serving, about 4 small pancakes.

Add a dollop or yogurt, fresh berries, and some raw local honey on top.

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My breakfast burrito making experience

So on July 1, I posted a link to a site with DIY frozen breakfast burrito recipes. http://wp.me/p11Emi-h1

Today I decided to give it a go.  I bought some large flour tortillas, make locally, stretchy and full of gluten.. which generally I am trying to avoid these days, but for burritos, its so great because the tortillas can take some abuse as you roll.

I used a dozen eggs and mixed in 1 can of green chiles and 3 tbs. of salsa, along with some low sodium salt and pepper and almond milk.  I cant wait for green chile season to start in a few weeks so I can use fresh ones!

I used a cast iron griddle pan, and alternated cooking a few slices of bacon between each ingredient, to keep it oiled.

I also added potatoes and onions, and used cheddar cheese.

One of my biggest peeves with frozen burritos is that the ends of the tortillas get super hard and stale when you heat them in the microwave.  In an attempt to combat this problem, I used about 1 tsp. of avocado per burrito to massage in to the edges of the tortilla before filling it.  I am thinking the fat and moisture of the avocado may help with this issue.  We will see how it turns out.

Each burrito contains approximately:

-1.5 eggs

– 1 slice bacon

– 1/5 cup potatoes

– 2 tbs onion

– 2 tsp. green chiles

– 1 tsp avocado

– 1 tbs. cheddar cheese

– 1 flour tortilla


Comes out to about $1.00 – $1.25 per burrito.  Plus 1.5 hours of labor. Which in retrospect seems a little meh..  Considering I can get a 260 calorie jr. burrito at sonic already made for $1.06.

However, these burritos are easily 2x the size of the sonic jr. burritos.  Comparably, these are more equivalent to the larger sonic burritos which are around $3.00 each.  Frozen, locally made breakfast burritos which are comparable in size and ingredients I can get in a 6-pack for around $8, which comes out to about $1.33 each.

Calorie/Nutritional content is roughly:

480 calories

29g fat

4g fiber

35g carbs

950mg sodium

21g protein


This could be reduced and made healthier by: using turkey bacon, vegetarian “sausage”, or no meat, using carb-reduced tortillas, leaving out the potatoes, and adding more veggies – bell peppers, spinach, etc.

I wrapped each burrito individually in wax paper (I just learned that it is microwavable!), and then put 4-5 burritos into a freezer bag and stuck them in the freezer.

They should take 2-3 minutes in the microwave to reheat.

Worth the time and effort?  Maybe.  Can customize the ingredients, and save about $.10 – .50 cents per burrito, at the cost of about 2 hours time for prep, cooking, rolling, and cleanup.  At this rate, my labor in making these comes out to be worth about $3.00-5.00 per hour.  If money is really tight, go for it, but if you are really busy and would rather spend a few extra bucks a week for pre-made burritos than a few hours making them.


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