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Meal kit delivery boxes

So far, I have tried Blue Apron and HomeChef. Blue Apron seemed overall slightly more expensive, and the meals took more work to prepare. However, I preferred the quality of their ingredients and variety in their recipes very much over HomeChef.  HomeChef had less prep work involved and easier recipes, but more boring, smaller portions, and less customization than BlueApron. I am now doing a trial of Plated – I am going to make the first dish tonight! I was immediately impressed with the recipe variety and selections available.  It is overall much more customizable than both Blue Apron and HomeChef. I am taking advantage of the trial period offers to try out as many as I can!


The Best Low Carb Pizza Crust – No Cauliflower involved!

Havent tried this yet, but it looks pretty good!If you want delicious low carb pizza crust recipe, try the “fat head pizza crust.” It’s very popular and has been a life saver for low carbers everywhere!

Source: The Best Low Carb Pizza Crust – No Cauliflower involved!

Dal Makhani

I combined this recipe – with this instant pot version –

I also used a can of coconut cream in place of dairy cream.  I also added celery leaves

Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad | Kitchn

We have a lot to thank France for when it comes to mealtime, but perhaps one of my favorites is Lyonnaise Salad, or Salade Lyonniase: it’s a perfect combination of frisée, a curly bitter salad green, tossed in a warm vinaigrette and topped with a poached egg and crispy thick-slab bacon pieces

Source: Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad | Kitchn

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Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Dip – Gimme Some Oven

A slightly healthier version of this decadent deliciousness.  Do remember that even tho its a little healthier, its still very high in fat and calories.  If you are working to lose weight, keep the portions small, and serve maybe with veggies instead of chips/pita.  So, I realized yesterday that I’m going to be in Kansas City a grand total of five days this next month.  Five!! Between a girls’ weekend at the lake, some fun work trips to Pittsburgh and Minneapolis and New York, plus my first long road trip with this cute guy to chillax at a cabin in North …

Source: Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Dip – Gimme Some Oven

Delish Easy Leftover Meals

A slideshow of easy recipes to make use of leftovers, many of which sound gourmet but are very simple to make

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