My new diet – No sugar, no flour, no chemicals.

I recently started trying to eat no processed sugar, no processed flour, and no chemical additives diet.  Slow carbs are fine – particularly beans and lentils. But white carbs should generally be avoided, like rice and white potatoes.  I have a small amount (1/2 cup) of either oatmeal or quinoa daily.  I eat tons and tons of veggies and fruits, on this diet you can eat as much as you want of them.  Same with proteins, although, animal proteins should be limited.  I get most of my protein from tofu and protein shakes.  Fats should be used in moderation, but you dont need to obsess about it.  I write down everything I eat and aim to eat under 1,500 calories a day.  One day a week is my “pig out” day.  This is beneficial because it helps prevent you from plateauing – eating sugar and carbs and stuff once a week can actually boost your metabolism.  It goes right through you and doesnt stick.  If you eat it every day, even in small amounts,however, it tends to stick to your body and does not boost metabolism.  In addition, allowing this helps to prevent the usually inevitable diet crashes – you know, you do well on a diet for a few days, a few week, or even a few months.. but eventually those “off limits” foods like chocolate or chips overwhelm you with their cravings and you binge on them.  Then, disappointed with yourself, you find it exceptionally hard to get back on track with your diet.  Well, by specifying ahead of time a particular day each week that you are allowed to have such foods, you never have to feel deprived, or guilty.  So, while many of the recipes I have posted on this site work with my new diet, I am always open to new ideas and suggestions!  Have a recipe that focuses on veggies, high protein, and legumes?  Share it!


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