What in the gooberstankjellofungus is this?

Food.  Cuz its fkin good.  I live on food stamps, about $150 a month.  Im accustomed to and prefer organic, healthy, fresh foods.  Those things dont mix.  If you are on food stamps, you are expected to double what they give you from your own pocket.  To eat properly, that is absolutely the case.  However, studies have shown that at least 80% of people on food stamps use them as their only source of food each month.  Which means eating lots of cheap, processed, high carb, high fats, high sugars and corn syrups, crappy foods.

I am one of those people, but I am floudering upstream to try to eat healthy.  I am currently very overweight (I need to loose over 100 lbs).  I generally eat well, my doctors are all astounded by my blood tests as my heart, my chloresterol, all that stuff, is excellent, better than most healthy people.  The only thing off is my blood sugar, I have Diabetes, but I have managed, without testing except once a year at the doctors office, to bring my blood sugar into normal ranges, being only barely above average.

So here is my quest to bring flavorful, unique, delicious, healthy, balanced, rich, and above all – CHEAP – recipes that I have collected, or invented myself.


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